Technology Accreditation Canada

Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC) is a bold, new, world class accreditation model for the engineering technology and applied science profession in Canada. Its goal is to revitalize the national accreditation system and, ultimately, redefine the future of technology accreditation.

TAC was created by Technology Professionals Canada (TPC) in direct response to findings from the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) December 2011 report. CSA generated the report for TPC after performing a comprehensive, independent review of technology accreditation practices that existed at the time measured against best practices from other jurisdictions and sectors.

TAC is committed to assuming a leadership position in the delivery of improved, efficient and effective national accreditation, using trained, specialized auditors, maintaining an uncompromising degree of quality control and assurance, and rigorously applying national technology standards.

TAC will be testing the accreditation package and processes during the pilot project which is now underway. A Canadian college has agreed to participate in the pilot project. The college is currently working on collecting student materials and filling out the accreditation package and accompanying materials which TAC expects to receive back soon. The site visit will take place in August 2014. 

Each TPC provincial association approved the TAC bylaws in principle at their council meetings in 2013. TAC was incorporated on December 30, 2013.

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