What is an Engineering Technology and Applied Science Professional? 

From the moment Canadians wake up in the morning and turn on a light switch or shower, we rely on engineering technology and applied science professionals who ensure the public safety and maintenance of all systems and processes – from construction of buildings and bridges to safe delivery of water, electricity and the infrastructure that supports all modes of transportation.

Technicians install cable and phone, monitor traffic, work in labs, and do drafting design and construction supervision. Technologists own or manage businesses, manage projects, return well sites properly to nature, and facilitate the development, design, construction, inspection and repair of commercial buildings. They ensure fast-acting telephone networks, smart bus connections, perfectly clean water to drink, reliable natural gas service and electrical power, smooth roads on which to drive, and responsible oil and gas exploration/production/processing/and distribution.

Some professionals work for governments in intelligence agencies while others literally blow things up – designing the charges and managing sophisticated controlled blasts. Many own and/or manage large, successful engineering enterprises, and even work in non-traditional areas such as biomedical and geomatics.